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The 1st Defi Token that tracks its token price with in-built Smart Contract Price Support Features

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The TuloChain Token & Features

Tulo is a Finnish word meaning Income, the aim of the Tulo Chain token is to generate a continuous stream of income flow for Tulo token holders by instituting the following utilities and value add elements to the token. The Tulo token is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20 Token Standard).

Tulochain is the first decentralised token with price support feature embedded in the smart contract, that supports the price stability of the token.

Automated Liquidity Pool

The TULO token will provide a stable addition to the exchange liquidity pool, this would ensure that irrespective of the market activity the pool will be sufficiently enhanced to support the required stability.

Reflections for Token Holders

TULO token holders will receive rewards in the native token for holding. The reflections in TULO token are deemed more valuable than most other token reflections because of the price support mechanism built into the TULO token smart contract. For every buy and sell transactions, 2% and 3% respectively will be distributed directly to the wallets holding $TULO.

TULO ‘DAO’ Investment

As part of our Phase 3 road map, TULO Chain will be implementing an investment DAO structure that allocates 1% transaction fees as an investment pool fund. The 1% fees will be taken from the current allocation to Marketing, Operations & Product Development category of fees. (See whitepaper for details)

Automated Price Support Features

Tulo Chain has implemented two key features in its smart contract that provides a tested and effective price support mechanism. The price support system, whilst not able to control market activity will provide a stabilizing input into the token price factor:

1- Auto LP + Treasury Price Support

The smart contract enables an auto creation of LP plus a treasury add-on function where the treasury initiates an auto buyback from the exchange, the buy back value will be equivalent to at least 50% of the value of the LP created (See Whitepaper)

2- Buy Back Price Support 

The Smart contract has been developed to track the token price movements, anytime the token price drops below 30% of its all-time high value, the smart contract will auto trigger a chain of buy backs and burn of TULO tokens. (See Whitepaper)

Token Economics

Tulo Chain has a total of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens. 55% of the tokens will be allocated to presale and initial exchange liquidity. 10%private sale, 10% of the tokens will be allocated to the team, 5% of the tokens will be allocated to strategic advisors and 20% of the tokens will be retained for the ecosystem, this would be allocated towards evolving the utility of the TULO as well as project operations


Presale and Initial Exchange Liquidity


Total Supply




Private Sale


Team Tokens


Advisor tokens

Utility of Tulo Chain Fees

The trading fees for Tulo Chain has been implemented to provide a stable structure for price support, product development and the ecosystem management. The amount of fees for all buys is 13% and all sells is 16%

Buy Trading Fees


Liquidity + LMM


Buy Back + LMM




Marketing, Treasury2 & Product Development

Sell Trading Fees


Liquidity + LMM


Buy Back + LMM




Marketing, Treasury2 & Product Development


4% of the trading fees is structured by the smart contract to directly go as LP and a treasury function add-on to BNB, which enables price support linked to auto liquidity pool action. The embedded treasury add-on function feature, in the smart contract allows a price support process through the indirect addition of BNB only to existing liquidity as well as adding an LP pair of BNB/TULO.

2% of trading fees goes towards an enhanced buy back protocol, as explained in Automated Price Support Feature section, the Tulo Chain solutions has a buy back price tracking solution where the smart contract buys back Tulo tokens and auto burns anytime the price drops below 30% of the ATH price. The smart contract implements a chain of buy back by using 20% of available buy back funds. The team can also trigger a buy back via the smart contract anytime it is required

2% of the Buy and 3 % of the Sells goes back to token holders in valuable Tulo tokens as rewards. The reflections for TULO are deemed valuable due to the price control and treasury add-on function built in the smart contract to support price levels.

5% of the Buy and 7% of the Sells, provides marketing budget, operations budget, additional treasury support for liquidity/price stability and product development.


Phase 1

  • Project analysis and research – February - March 2022
  • Contract development testing and review – March 2022
  • Contract Audit – April 2022
  • Promotion and Creating Social Media Branding - April 2022
  • Public Presale – April / May 2022
  • Listing on CMC, Coin Gecko, etc – Q2 2022

Phase 2

  • Marketing & Growth of Tulo Chain Q2 2022
  • Listing on CEX Q2/Q3 2022
  • NFT Market Place Implementation – Q4 2022
  • Partnership – Q3/Q4 2022

Phase 3

  • Ethereum & Poly Chain Bridge – Q3 /Q4 2022
  • Developing the TULO Investment DAO framework Q4 2022
  • Driving the growth of Tulo Chain beyond 2022
  • Developing additional features for the TULO token – 2023

How To Buy


Visit and go to the buy tab (you'll find this at the bottom). Click on Connect Wallet at the top right and connect to your MetaMask wallet.


Enter the number of Eth you'd like to swap into the 'Swap From' field and the Zombie Ape contract address in the 'Swap To' currency field. Adjust your slippage from the settings menu, click 'Swap' and get your tokens.


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